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Automatic Doors

Easy to Use
Glidermatic remote control, the world's most popular remote control roller door system, allows the door to be opened or closed by means of a compact hand transmitter, which works within sight of the door.

Safe and Secure
The complete luxury of an automatic Gliderol door will spoil you for ever. You don't even have to get out of the security of your car to open the door.

Quiet Operation
As the drive unit is housed entirely within the door roll, noise emissions are substantially reduced, resulting in a quiet and smoother performance.

Stylish Weather Proof Control Box
Your door can easily be operated using the hand held remote or the button on the wall mounted control box.

The unique rolling code circuitry ensures fail-safe security and eliminates the risk of another handset using the same code.

The Glide-A-Code transmitter, using a UHF frequency, transmits a different code after every operation. Each time the handset and the control box move on to a new setting from one of two billion codes. Not surprisingly the Glide-A-Code handset is one of the most secure available anywhere in the world and ensures that the operator will not be activated by another transmitter.

The Glidermatic drive unit automatically reverses should the downward movement of the door be restricted.

Automatic Light
Standard on Glidermatic. Illuminates your garage for up to 5 minutes after the Glidermatic GRD is activated allowing you to drive in to an illuminated garage.

Guaranteed to last
Because Gliderol doors are built to take the wear and tear of life and the weather, Gliderol are able to provide some impressive guarantees. So long as the door is reasonably maintained Gliderol doors are guaranteed against all normal conditions - in the case of electrical components for 2 years, mechanical parts for 6 years and the door finish for 10 years.